Hey Everyone,

I bet that you notice that I have taken down most of the website.  That is because I am building something even more awesome to put here.  

as you may know (if you know me),  I tend to take on a lot of projects and I really wanted to build a website that reflects what I am trying to do.

Until then, you can visit and like any of my current pages/businesses and keep in touch

Uranus Missouri  (Friend Page)

Uranus Missouri   (Fan Page)

Chicken Bones Party Bar and Grill (Fan Page)

Me as Big Louie

Me as almost normal dude 

Big Louie’s (fan Page)

Skin City Tattoo  (Fan Page)

Mission Outpost Outdoor Outfitters  (fan Page)

Backroad Printing and Design  (Fan Page)

BartendingSchool4free.com (Fan Page)



Thanks for visiting my website even though it sucks,